Edge Profiles

Whilst all of our worktops are finished with a double Pencil Edge as standard, we aim to provide each customer with a complete bespoke service. All edges can be provided on either the top or both the top and bottom edge.

If you have a preference of edge profile, please ensure you specify this with one of the Crafted By Design team.

Please note not all edge profiles are the same price and specialist edge profiles will incur an additional cost. Opposite is a list of the four most common edge profiles when designing a commercial or residential surface.

Specialist Edges

At Crafted By Design we pride ourselves on offering our customers a fully bespoke design.

The specialist edges provided are as follows: Bullnose edge, Waterfall edge and the Shark nose. When a specialist edge is added to the worktop this does incur an additional charge.

For more information regarding any of the extras available please email  enquiries@craftedbydesign.co.uk, alternatively call one of our team on: 01183 800 550 for all enquiries or to book a showroom appointment.

Bevelled Edge

The Bevelled Edge consists of a flat edge at a 45-degree angle across both the top and bottom edge of the worktop. This edge eases sharp surface corners in an angular design, ideal for both modern and contemporary finishes.

Pencil Edge

The Pencil Edge offers the customer a slightly rounded edge on the top of the worktop edge once polished. This is our most popular edge profile and is provided with every worktop as standard. This is a very simple and clean edge that suits all types of surface, ideal for any customer who requires soft lines integrated into their worktop design.

Arris Removed

The Arris Removed edge offers the customer a thin bevelled edge of width which provides a sharper line compared to the Bevelled Edge finish. This edge is polished to a 45-degree angle, providing a sharp and stylish finish to any surface.

Double Radius

The double radius edge is set up the same way as a pencil edge however the curves at the top and bottom provide a larger radius, typically about one quarter of an inch. This gives the edge a dramatic curved profile, however unlike the bullnose edge the curves do not meet in the middle leaving a portion of the edge flat.



Solid surface upstands provide a stylish and clean finish to any work surface. Upstands are designed to be fitted at the back of a worktop to give the finishing touch to any commercial or residential surface. Solid Surface upstands can be added to the worktop in either a standard or coved style.

Standard Upstands are butt joined to the worktop and sealed in place. Standard upstands are not seamlessly joined to the worktop and provide a more angled, modern look to the surface. Standard upstands are available in both solid surface and M-Stone quartz. The standard upstand is finished off with a delicate bead of sealant to ensure the work surface remains non-porous and hygienic.

A coved upstand provides both aesthetic and practical benefits to any work surface. Coved upstands flow seamlessly into the work surface and provide a hygienic and easily cleaned surface which prevents dirt and residue collecting at the wall/worktop junction. Coved upstands are only available in solid surface materials.


Splashbacks bring together practicality with eye catching design. These attractive, easy to clean, continuous surfaces can easily become the centrepiece for any kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you would like the colour to continue through the surface in a seamless fashion, or a different colour to provide a sharp and more angled look… the design opportunities are limitless. This feature is available in both solid surface and M-Stone quartz.

Leg Cladding

Leg Cladding

Leg cladding offers the opportunity for a work surface to flow seamlessly down the side of a carcass to the floor. This stylish finish gives the whole room a modern and contemporary look that is ideal for commercial and residential properties.

This can be completed in a colour to match the top surface or any other colour to suit the design of the room or office.

Drainer Grooves

Drainer grooves are a stylish yet extremely practical feature in a work surface. Having this stylish feature alongside an undermount or Belfast sink is always a wise choice and eliminates the need for a separate drainer unit.

Due to the high quality of material used at Crafted By Design grooves can be precisely routed into the surface without compromising on strength or colour.

Drainer Grooves
Hot Rods

Hot Rods

Steel hot rods are stylish worktop protectors that are easy to fit and integrate into any worktop where hot equipment may be used. This stylish feature provides an area for the customer to place any hot cooking implements without damaging the surface.

Hot rod sets often comprise of 5 straight stainless steel rods, however this can be customised to suit individual designs and needs.

Wireless Charging

Charge your smartphones and smart devices without wires or cords using the wireless charging feature installed into your worktops. It’s convenient, stylish and brings another benefit to your new Crafted By Design worktop.

Each wireless charger can be seamlessly integrated into the worksurface and is ideal in both the kitchen and bathroom environment.

To find out more about this futuristic feature please contact one of our team on 01183 800550 or email enquiries@craftedbydesign.co.uk.

Wireless Charging

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